Wireless rechargeable keyboard TRIM

  1. Rechargeable battery & auto sleep
  2. Low profile & silent "scissor" switches
  3. Full size keyboard  & multimedia keys

Low profile & silent "scissor" switches

Rechargeable full size keyboard with reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection and operating range up to 10m. Slim and elegant body made from premium materials combined with high-end scissor switches will provide you comfortable typing experience with immediate tactile response.

Suitable for home and office

Built-in rechargeable battery supports 90 hour continuous working. For comfortable home or office use this full size keyboard also offers multimedia keys and numpad. Thanks to Fn lock function you can choose if you want to use multimedia functions or standard F1 to F12 buttons as default setup.

Rechargeable battery & auto sleep

LED indication will warn you once your battery level is low.  Use any USB power source (including PC or laptop USB ports) to charge keyboard battery. Micro USB charging cable is included in packaging. You can charge your keyboard while used and proceed with your work without any limitations. The keyboard will enter sleep mode automatically after being idle for 3 seconds in order to save energy. In order to save battery you can switch off keyboard while not used and prolong battery life and time between single chargings.


Input micro USB (cable included)
Power input 5 V DC/500 mA
Built in battery 230 mAh (lithium)
Charging time < 4 hours
Connection wireless 2,4 GHz
Operating range < 10 meters
Standby time 90 days
Uninterrupted working time 90 hours
Material ABS/Aluminium
Dimensions 428 x 125 x 16 mm

System requirements:

Port USB  
Windows 7/8/10  
Mac OS X  


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