YPB 0180BK

Power Bank 8000 mAh

  1. Aluminium alloy case
  2. Integrated micro USB cable
  3. Intelligent power management

Intelligent power management

Portable Power Bank with 8000mAh capacity that can charge 2 devices at the same time. Suitable for mobile phones, tablets and many other devices requiring 5V DC USB power source.

LED capacity sensor

To check actual capacity status shake up power bank and LED sensor will show you how much is you power bank charged at the moment.

Quick Charge, high transfer efficiency

Li-ion battery cell ensures high safety and stability. Intelligent protective program prevents from overcharging, discharging and short-circuit.
YPB 0180BK


Case material Aluminium alloy
Battery type Li-ion polymer
Capacity 8000mAh/ 3,7V (29,6Wh)
Input DC 5 V/2 A max. - micro USB
Output DC 5 V/1 A + DC 5 V/2,1 A - USB
Size 131 x 66 x 14mm
Weight 190g
Charging cable included  


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