Hotswap compact mechanical RGB keyboard

  1. Easily exchangeable switches
  2. Wireless and wired connection
  3. Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow switches
  4. downloadable software

A Masterpiece of Precision and Customization

Experience the pinnacle of keyboard engineering with ODYSSEY, the high-end hotswap 75% layout mechanical keyboard that redefines typing comfort and customization. Every aspect of the ODYSSEY is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, delivering a seamless fusion of style, performance, and innovation. Equipped with Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow mechanical switches, renowned for their buttery-smooth keystrokes and reliability, ODYSSEY ensures each keypress is a delight. What sets ODYSSEY apart is its revolutionary hotswap sockets, allowing you to effortlessly swap switches without any soldering. This means you can tailor your typing experience on-the-fly, whether you prefer the swift actuation of linear switches for gaming or the precise feedback of tactile switches for prolonged typing sessions.

Illuminate Your Imagination: Radiant RGB Backlighting

Prepare to be dazzled by the stunning RGB backlighting of ODYSSEY. Each key is a canvas of limitless possibilities, ready to be painted with the colors of your imagination. With ODYSSEY's advanced software, you can unleash your creativity, customizing dynamic lighting effects that suit your mood and style. From the subtle elegance of a single-color glow to the mesmerizing dance of multi-hued waves, the RGB backlighting elevates your typing experience and transforms your workspace into a visual masterpiece.

Your Commands, Your Way: Unleash Unrivaled Customization

Take complete control of your keyboard with ODYSSEY's advanced software suite. The power to remap buttons, program complex macros, and fine-tune backlight settings is at your fingertips, allowing you to mold the keyboard to your workflow and preferences. Craft intricate shortcuts that streamline your tasks and unlock new levels of efficiency. Whether you're a creative professional seeking seamless hotkeys or a gamer in pursuit of that split-second advantage, ODYSSEY empowers you to create your personal domain of control.

Symphony of Sound: ODYSSEY's Enchanting Acoustics

Prepare to be captivated not only by ODYSSEY's remarkable performance but also by its enchanting sound profile. Each keystroke resonates with a deep, satisfying sound, creating a symphony that enhances your typing experience. The secret lies within the meticulously crafted design – ODYSSEY boasts multiple foam inserts strategically placed within its body. These foam inserts serve as acoustic dampeners, absorbing excess vibrations and minimizing reverberations that can lead to a distracting noise. The result? A keyboard that doesn't just feel amazing to type on but also sounds like an orchestra of precision, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rhythm of your work or play. Whether you're a writer seeking the perfect ambiance or a gamer looking to elevate your auditory senses, ODYSSEY's deep and rich sound profile promises an auditory journey like no other.

Your commands, your way of using: Enjoy unparalleled customization options

Gain complete power over your keyboard with the advanced ODYSSEY software suite. With the ability to remap keys, program complex macros and fine-tune backlight settings, you can reshape your keyboard to suit your work style and preferences. Create ingenious shortcuts that streamline your tasks and unlock new levels of efficiency. Whether you're a creative professional demanding seamless keyboard shortcuts or a gamer seeking a split-second advantage, ODYSSEY lets you create your own personal control domain.

Boundless Power and Endurance

ODYSSEY's integration of an efficient battery system elevates its wireless capabilities to new heights. The keyboard boasts an integrated battery that can endure up to an astonishing 240 hours of usage with the backlighting turned off. Now, you can venture into the world of productivity or gaming without the constant worry of recharging. Whether you're conquering deadlines on your desktop or typing on-the-go, ODYSSEY ensures you're always connected, always productive, and always in control. Welcome to the future of connectivity – where versatility meets endurance in perfect harmony.

Unlimited performance and durability

Using ODYSSEY's efficient battery system enhances wireless capabilities to a new level. This keyboard boasts a built-in battery that allows a great endurance of up to 240 hours of operation with the backlight turned off. Now you can enter the world of productivity or gaming without having to constantly think about charging. Whether you're battling deadlines at your desktop or on the go, ODYSSEY always keeps you connected, productive and in total control. Welcome to the future world of connectivity – where versatility meets durability.
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 / 2.4G / wired
Connector: USB-C
Switch Type: Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow (hotswappable)
Switch Type: Linear
Switch Actuation Force: 50 ±15 gf
Total Switch Travel: 4,0 mm
Switch Activation: 2,0 ±0,6 mm
Switch Lifespan: 80 million keystrokes
Keys: 82
Anti Ghosting: N-Key Rollover
Backlight Color: Full RGB 16.8 million colors
Rated Input: DC 5V / 350mA
Max. Transmitter Power at Frequency 2.4 GHz – 2.4835 GHz: 3,2mW
Built-in Battery: 4000 mAh (Lithium)
Operating Time: up to 240 hours (without backlight)
Dimensions: 330,7mm x 138,6mm x 41mm
Cable Length: 1.8m (replaceable USB-C – included in accessories)
Material: ABS/metal alloys
Keyboard Weight: 922 g


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