Headphone hanger & stand 2in1

  1. Stand and hanger in one
  2. Stabile non-slip base
  3. Detachable wall mount

Reliable Helper

If you are looking for things in your life that you can completely rely on, then pay attention. The Yenkee 2-in-1 Headphone Hanger and Stand will change the order of your desk once and for all. This is the perfect helper to ensure that your headphones are conveniently stored in a place where nothing can happen to them. Forget the things that are good and experience the things that are perfect.

Think About the Details

We love smart solutions and we love them even more when they look great. The stand and headphone holder is not only stylish, but also thanks to the adhesive glide rail, you can mount it on the wall or any other vertical surface without drilling into the wall. If you like a more traditional positioning, then simply use a stand with a small, unobtrusive but well-balanced and non-slip base.

Every Inch Counts

The stand height is optimised to fit the vast majority of headphones. The stand is suitable for headphones up to 23 cm in height.


Stand height 23,5cm 
Basic dimensions 6 x 7,5cm
Material ABS / aluminum
Weight 166g


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