YMS 3030WE

Ultra light Gaming RGB Mouse SHOTGUN

  1. Reliable & accurate 6400 DPI sensor
  2. Ultra light & perforated construction
  3. Programmable buttons & RGB backlight
  4. Software download

With its own ease

Shotgun. Ultralight Shotgun gaming mouse. I am your most favourite gaming mouse for the future. My body is interwoven with holes that not only lighten the entire structure, but mainly add to the airiness. This will prevent your hand from sweating during long game marathons, making the path to the victory even easier!

Excellence with no compromise

Up to 6400 DPI sensitivity explains it all. With me, you‘ll see no compromise. There‘s a precise IC 6651 sensor inside me with the response equal to 1000 Hz. Reliable Huano switches guarantee technical excellence. All of these advantages together put a mouse into your hands that you‘ll find handy for playing any games.

Adjust, set and play!

Individual RGB underlighting. The option to create macros. Simple mouse sensitivity adjustment. You can customize me exactly and very simply to your taste. With the supplied software tailored for me, you can configure all settings very clearly including turning the backlight fully off should you want not to be disturbed.
YMS 3030WE


Number of buttons 7
Input DC 5V / 200 mA
Interface USB
Mouse sensor 6651IC
Resolution 6400 DPI
Poling rate 1000 Hz
Acceleration 22G
Cable length 170cm 
Dimensions 123 x 67 x 40 mm
Weight 75g


Manual Download
Software Download
Images Download