USB C - MFi Lightning Sync & Charge Cable

  1. Apple MFi certification
  2. Silicone design
  3. Cable organiser included
Fast and reliable data transfer with SILIC certified cable. The universal USB C - MFi Lightning connectors with a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps and a maximum output power of 27W is the ideal companion for syncing and charging your Apple devices.
The SILIC cable is suitable for Apple devices. With universal USB C and MFi Lightning connectors, it connects easily to most devices. You can transfer data and charge your device with ease thanks to Apple MFi certification. The maximum output power of 27W offers fast and efficient charging so you're always ready for your activities.
MFi certification stands for "Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod" and refers to the official certification awarded by Apple. This certification ensures that the accessory is fully compatible with Apple products. In order to obtain MFi certification, the manufacturer must meet strict standards and norms set by Apple, ensuring quality, reliability and seamless operation with Apple devices.
With a length of 1.5 metres, the SILIC cable gives you plenty of room for movement and flexibility. Made of soft and pleasant to the touch silicone and durable TPE material, this cable offers high durability, long life and resists wear and tear.
Silicone is known for its high resistance to physical damage, including abrasions, bumps and drops. This material can protect the cable and extend its life, which is especially important in everyday use. It is pleasant to the touch and has a soft texture. This makes the cable comfortable to handle and use. Its smooth surface also minimizes friction and prevents the cable from tangling.
The package includes a handy cable organiser and a drawstring strap. With this accessory, your cables will always be neatly organized and easily accessible.


Charging current: 9V / 3A 
Power: 27W 
Connector: USB C /MFi Lightning 
Material: Silion + TPE
Length: 1,5m


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