YKM 2006US

Wireless set Sequence

  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Keyboard with silent keys
  3. Mouse with adjustable DPI

Ergonomic design

Wireless keyboard and mouse set is a perfect solution for home or office use.

Keyboard with silent keys

Compact keyboard size and ergonomic design combined with silent keys will ensure perfect typing feeling.   Multimedia keys will allow you to start and control some of the most used applications by a single keystroke.  The long key life and spill proof design makes this keyboard best solution for your home and office use.

Mouse with adjustable DPI

The mouse is suitibale for left or right hand use and you can set up it´s sensitivity up to 1600 DPI.

Wireless working distance is up to 10 meters and set is connected with your PC with only one nano receiver. Batteries are included.
YKM 2006US


Mouse working voltage 1,5 V/10 mA (1 x AA alcaline)
Keyboard working voltage 1,5 V/2,5 mA (1 x AAA alcaline)
Wireless frequency 2408–2474 MHz
Operation channels 34 auto hopping
Transmission distance up to 10 m
Keyboard size 468 x 155 x 23 mm
Mouse size 100 x 60 x 39 mm

System requirements:

Port USB  
Windows 7/8/10  
Mac OS X  


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