YPB 0820

Wireless Power Bank 8 000mAh

  1. Digital LCD Display
  2. Lightning port input
  3. Dual USB output

One button connection

Once the wireless charging is started, just turn me on with the side button and put your smartphone or other devices on me that support wireless charging technology with the Qi standard. If your device is not equipped with this technology directly from the production, you can tune it with the separately sold compatible accessories.

Gear for connoisseurs

I am equipped with an stylish LCD display and an emergency LED lamp that will come in handy in night hours. There’s also a Lightning port for you to recharge me. In addition to a stylish and elegant look, I offer a substantial outfit for travellers.

An eight-thousander for everyone

Welcome to the world of utmost convenience and unlimited freedom of charging your devices. I am a 8,000mAh powerbank with wireless Qi charging and dual USB output. Use me to charge your smartphone, tablet or book reader. Are you on journeys? Do you still have many miles ahead, making your trip comfortable by texting and reading your favourite book in a reader but both of your devices are discharged and now you can’t decide which one is more important to you? Charge them both right away thanks to a pair of USB output ports with 1A and 2,1A charging current.

I can even cope with a several hour flight

Thanks to my sextuple protection developed for the maximum safety of you and your device, you can also charge your devices onboard. The smart charging management will provide you with maximum protection against unpredictable situations.
YPB 0820


Battery type Li-Polymer
Capacity 8 000 mAh
Input DC 5V/2A max. - MicroUSB; DC 5V/1.5A-Lighting
Output DC 5V/1A + DC 5V/2.1A - USB
  5W - wireless charging
Size 147 x 69 x 16,9 mm
Weight 196 g
  Micro USB charging cable included


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