YKB 2020CS

2.4G Wireless keyboard PRIME

  1. Plug & Play
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Home & Office solution

I meddle with the mouse trade

I boast of the multimedia keys with which you can launch or control your most frequently used apps without the hassle of hunting them around your desktop with the mouse cursor. On top of that, I am as silent as a mouse! While some of my colleagues sound like our grandfather typewriters, I will scurry through your working day without distracting you unnecessarily thanks to my low-profile keys and a fine diaphragm.

I can even have a cup of coffee with you

Being frugal, I usually decline with thanks your invitation to coffee or drink as I take my vital energy definitely from batteries. But even if you won’t stop and spill a cup of your caffeine pick-me-up over me, I’m not gonna let it mess things up and get over it with grace. My ability to boast of a spilling resistance makes me a good buddy for home as well as office.

I will tell you when I’ve had enough

Since I have a frugal energy appetite, exhausting me by dragging is a pretty hard job, but I will still need a new lease of life in form of new batteries over time. But before that happens, I will inform you by a light indicator well in advance. No worry about my sudden retirement, leaving you just with unfinished work and a pile of headaches.
YKB 2020CS


Power input 1,5V/6mA (1x AAA - included)
Connection 2.4G wireless
Operating range < 10 meters
Standby time 180 days
Uninterrupted working time <200 hours
Material ABS
Dimensions 440 x 135 x 22 mm
System requirements USB port
  Windows 7/8/10
  Mac OS X


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