YKM 2008CS

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set

  1. Silent and stylish 2.4G wireless combo 
  2. Full size keyboard with accurate key strokes
  3. Low profile mouse with 1600 DPI resolution

Life without wires

Sitting around all day wrapped up in cables is definitely not a bed of roses. If you need freedom in your work, I'm here for you. Simply connect the keyboard and mouse in my kit to your PC or laptop with one 2.4GHz USB nano receiver. And despite its small size, it has an operating distance of up to 10 metres.

Elegance hidden in ergonomics

Premium materials are a must for today's modern offices. It's no different for me. The mouse and keyboard bodies are made of pleasant materials, and a high level of ergonomics has been emphasised. The keyboard has top-notch scissor switches with instant response, and the mouse is suitable for both right- and left-handed users.

There are never enough keys

The keyboard is full-size, so you'll find a full-size number pad and, most importantly, a wide selection of multimedia keys. These make it easy to launch your most used apps with just one press of a key, or change the currently playing song or increase the volume, for example.
YKM 2008CS


Sensitivity 800/ 1200/1600 DPI
Connection 2.4G wireless
Operating range < 10 m
Interface type USB
Power input 1x AA alcaline battery (included)
Dimensions 107 x 63 x 30 mm
Weight 61 g
Connection 2.4G
Operating range < 10 m
Maximum transmitter power at 2.4 GHz - 2.4835 GHz 1 mW
Interface type USB A
Power input 2x AAA alcaline battery (included)
Dimensions 410 x 122 x 20 mm
Weight 547 g
System requirements USB port
  Windows 7/8/10
  Mac OS X


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