YKM 1007CS

Wired keyboard and mouse set Air

  1. Spill-resistant keyboard
  2. Accurate 1000 DPI resolution mouse
  3. Designed for Home and Office Use

We know well what we are designed for

Furnishing traditional devices with new features over and over again has become fashionable recently, however, we have decided to go the old-fashioned way instead. Although we cannot vacuum, we don’t show the air temperature and won’t check your heart rate, we do a perfect and reliable job associated with keyboards and mice.

Comfort comes first

We both take pride in ergonomy - the mouse’s curves and the optical sensor with 1600DPI resolution will be appreciated by both right-handed and left-handed people. And the keyboard can offer a full-sized layout and accurate key presses to provide a pleasant feedback. And none of us will force you to buy batteries any more as we make do with a cord.

Safe and dry

Although both of us are pretty xeric, the large one can even withstand smaller floods such as from an overturned mug. The keyboard is spill-resistant owing to the sophisticated drainage system that seeks to disperse the liquid to prevent it from clashing with the printed circuit board and other xeric parts.
YKM 1007CS


Mouse working voltage 5 V DC (≤ 100 mA)
Keyboard working voltage 5 V DC (≤ 100 mA)
Interface type USB
Keyboard size 495 x 145 x 40 mm
Mouse size 104 x 66 x 39 mm
Cable length 140 cm (for mouse and keyboard)
System requirements USB port
  Windows 7/8/10


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