YKM 1006CS

Wired keyboard and mouse set EGO

  1. Spill-resistant keyboard
  2. Accurate 1000 DPI resolution mouse
  3. Designed for Home and Office Use

A set for home and office

I am a perfect set of a durable keyboard an a powerful mouse that’s ready for use in home as well as in office environment. Thanks to my elegant, yet minimalistic design I can fit anywhere. In my black coat, I will not affect the design of your desktop and make you concentrate on your work continuously.

Born to complete every task

As I have a key influence on your productivity, my designers created me with simplicity, functionality and durability in their minds. I need no batteries. Just connect me via a USB connector and I will work as long as your fingers don’t get tired.

Ergonomy first

Say goodbye to inconvenience and enjoy my accuracy with an extra optical sensor with 1000 DPI resolution. I am a symmetric mouse for both left and right hand grip. If you emphasize functionality and a simple design, I will be your cup of tea.

I am OK with fluids

Spilling a drink into your keyboard. A very frequent accident common in nearly all offices. You need not worry with me though. I have a drainage system in my body to take overflowing fluid out of the keyboard. In this way, the PCB or other vital components are never damaged.

Make your life easier

There are no complexities in my key layout. Full-size keys with a comfortable large press and ultimate writing comfort. The accuracy is a matter-of-course yet. The keystroke speed for every writer to envy you.
YKM 1006CS


Mouse working voltage 5 V DC (≤ 100 mA)
Keyboard working voltage 5 V DC (≤ 100 mA)
Interface type USB
Keyboard key travel 3,5 ± 0,3 mm
Mouse switch 3M click liftime
Keyboard size 435 x 157 x 30 mm
Mouse size 108 x 61 x 37 mm
Cable length 150 cm (for mouse and keyboard)


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