YMS 5020

Vertical ergonomic wireless mouse

  1. Supports natural wrist position
  2. Relieves the pressure on major wrist nerves
  3. Decreases the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

No more strain to your wrist

I am an ErgoGrip - 2.4G YMS 5020 wireless mouse. I will perfectly fit your hand thanks to my design. You will no longer get troubled by wrist or shoulder pain without having to limit your working pace. I am designed to allow for a natural wrist position, reducing the risk of a carpal tunnel syndrome and other diseases related to everyday use of “conventional” computer mouses. The angle and height are set to put the wrist to the most convenient position possible.

Accuracy and ergonomy in one

My body employs an optical sensor with a resolution of up to 1800DPI to provide a far good sensitivity on various surfaces. On top of that, I am equipped with six greatly accessible buttons. Thanks to their side location, the switches are easy to use and guarantee accurate and correct grip at first go.

Fit for home and office

My ergonomic shape and surface pleasant to touch suggest than I will become an ideal choice for both office work and home use. Stylish black colour and consistent appearance are a perfect assumption for me to merge with any environment without the slightest resistance.

Timeless wireless mouse

Although I am wireless, my sudden discharging during work is out of the question. I employ a power switch to save battery energy. Embedded Nano receiver with a working distance of <10m will guarantee convenient computer control even during presentations. If you are not accustomed to wireless mice and you can hardly imagine going wireless, I’ve got a good news for you. An identical ergonomic YMS 5010 mouse is also available in “cable” design.
YMS 5020


Sensitivity 1000/1400/1800 DPI
Interface type USB
Input 1x AA alcaline battery - 1.5V DC
Dimensions 115 x 86 x 71 mm
Weight 115 g
Batteries are included  

System requirements:

USB port  
Windows 7/8/10  
Mac OS X  


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