YAC 2042

USB car charger QC 3.0 and PD 18W

  1. Multiple protection
  2. For smartphones and tablets
  3. Quick Charge and Power Delivery

Speed is everything

I am skillful adapter designed for a car lighter socket. I will be a friend of every device of yours. Thanks to the Quick Charge 3.0, I will charge your smart devices supporting this technology up to 4 times as faster as other car charges would do. Using the Power Delivery, I will provide all other users of 18W Apple mobile devices with fast recharging as well.


I am able to provide you with a multiple protection against unwanted short-circuits, overheating or polarity reversal in your device. My key benefit is the possibility to charge over a USB-C cable which is still the most widespread one nowadays.

Fitting dead square

Although I don’t stand out with any aggressive appearance, you will surely appreciate my ergonomic design in stylish black colour that will fit any interior with its simplicity. I can complement a fancy car just like a caravan for long trips.
YAC 2042


Input DC12~24V 
Output (QC3.0)3.6~6V==3A/6~9V==2A/9~12==1.5A
Output (PD3.0)5V==3A/9V==2.67A/12V==2A
Dimensions 80 x 43 x 26 mm
Weight 40 g


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