USB 2.0 Hub and Card Reader

  1. Plug & Play
  2. Three USB 2.0 ports
  3. Double slot card reader

Three USB 2.0 ports

Stylish 2.0 USB adapter that combines  USB hub with a card reader. It expands your PC with three additional USB ports allowing you to connect external devices such as mouse, keyboard, phones, external hard drive, flash drive, etc.

Double slot card reader

Double slot card reader supports automatic card detection and it is compatible with the most popular memory card formats.


HUB 3x port USB 2.0
Output power DC 5C / 500mA
Card reader Slot SD, micro SD
Suported cards SD, SDXC, SDHC, Micro SD (TransFlash), Micro SDHC
Data transfer rate 480 Mb/s
Cable length 30 cm
Dimensions 84 x 24 x 16 mm

System requirements:

Port USB  
Windows Vista/7/8/10  
Linux 2.4 or above  
Mac OS X  


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