YSM 720

Universal vlogging kit

  1. LED light
  2. Flexible arm
  3. Suitable for 6,5" smartphones

A Kit You Can Count On

Do not assemble your gadgets with different components that do not fit together. I am a universal vlogging kit that has everything you need for perfect videos or photos. I stand on the solid foundations of my tripod, when you create, you shine thanks to my LED light and I always hold your device firmly in my bracket. In short, I am a great partner at home and on the road.

Flexible Strong Man Rising Above

Although my structure looks graceful and compact, in reality I am not a weed. A combination of aluminium and plastic was used in my production, so I can support you in every situation and under any circumstances. So you can safely attach a video projector, video camera, camera, stabiliser or mobile phone holder to my tripod, which of course they packed in my kit, so that you have no headaches. In addition to strength, I can also impress with my outlook. Thanks to my swivel ball head and flexible arm, I capture a 360 ° perspective in various positions.

Let There Be Light

I will shine light on you during your videos, but don't worry, only in the best LED light, which contains an integrated battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh. My batteries will be charged by classic USB C. Of course I'll let you know how we're doing with the juice using the four diodes on the back of the LED. My rotary button to regulate the light level and also the Bluetooth shutter, with which you can create your content up to a distance of 10m, will help you to ideal conditions.
YSM 720


Thread 1/4"
Maximum height 122 mm
Minimum height 47 mm
Dimensions when retracted 153 mm
Weight 114 g
Maximum bearing capacity 5 kg
Material Aluminium + ABS
LED lamp  
Input DC 5 V / 2 A, USB C
Colour temperature Cold white: 6000K
Power input 9 W
Number of LEDs 56
Luminance 800 lm
IP protection IP64
Battery 2 000 mAh
Lighting time 3-4 h
Dimensions 66x87x25 mm
Weight 79 g
Flexible arm  
Dimensions 40x24x240 mm
Weight 75 g
Load capacity 150 g
Mobile phone holder  
Suitable for 56mm to 68mm wide phones
Dimensions 85x37x25,5 mm
Weight 37,5 g
Set weight 363,5 g


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