Universal USB C charger

  1. Power Delivery 65W
  2. Reversible Type-C design
  3. For smartphones, tablets and notebooks

Charge quickly and without compromise

Do you want to stay up to date? Then your smart devices need to stay charged. And if they're running out of breath, reach for the YENKEE YAU C65 universal charger. Thanks to the high power of 65 W and Power Deliver technology, it reliably and quickly recharges not only mobile phones and tablets, but also demanding laptops. And thanks to the USB-C connector, you don't have to examine the end of the cable and twist it to get the device to connect properly.

To the sea, to the cottage and to the office

You'll also appreciate the YENKEE YAU C65 charger's modest size and light weight, so you can put it in your jacket pocket without getting in the way. The YENKEE YAU C65 also has a handy 1.8 metre cable, so you don't have to climb under the desk to plug the device into the socket. That way, your devices stay powered up so you won't miss any news from friends, sports or politics, wherever you are.

Thinking about safety

The YENKEE YAU C65 universal charger is one of the safest on the market because it has protection against overvoltage, overheating or overcurrent. Built-in smart technology detects the level of charging intensity and whether the device is fully charged. Then it automatically shuts off, so you can leave your phone, tablet or laptop charging overnight and nothing will happen.


Model designation YAU C65
Input voltage AC 100–240V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output voltage max. DC 20.0V
Output current max. 3.25A
Output power max. 65,0W
Average efficiency in active mode 88,11%
Efficiency at low load (10%) 78,50%
No-load power consumption 0,21W
Cable length 1,8m


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