Universal Flexibile Tripod 3 in 1

  1. Strong grip and stability
  2. 360° shooting perspective
  3. Multi-purpose flexible design

Multi-purpose flexible design

Flexible, universal and portable tripod with built in standard 1/4" screw-thread for all cameras, shooting intents and conditions. Tripod set comes with phone holder and tripod mount for action cameras.

Strong grip and stability

Ultra friction rubber legs are designed to find balance on any uneven terrain or to be wrapped around any available object for safe and optimal shooting perspective.

360° shooting perspective

Rotation ballhead ensures 360° degree shooting perspective. Suitable for for home, travel and commercial use (Vlog, livestream, product review and release, etc).


Dimensions 285 x 52 x 52 mm
Weight 227 g
Max. load 800 g
Materials TPE, ABS + PC, Steel
Smartphone and action camera adapter included  


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