YSM 300

Bluetooth tripod selfie tyč

  1. Combination of selfie stick and tripod
  2. Durable and Lightweight
  3. Bluetooth remote shutter
Get the perfect selfies, group photos, or time-lapse shots like never before with our professional selfie tripod holder for mobile phones. With this holder, you can easily capture the best moments thanks to perfect stabilization and smooth control.

Compatible with most Android and iOS phones ranging from 4" to 6", our selfie tripod holder is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their photography. Use your smartphone to fulfill your creative visions and get great results.

Our selfie tripod holder with Bluetooth remote is perfect for traveling and easily fits into your bag or backpack. With this holder, you can capture the best moments anytime, anywhere, whether you're on vacation or in everyday life.

Easy to use and set up the holder with intuitive controls and a simple design. Just plug in your phone, set the desired angle, and the shot can begin. With smooth control and stabilization, you don't have to worry about blurry photos.

Our mobile phone selfie tripod holder is made of premium aluminum materials, which provide not only strength and durability but also an elegant and modern look. With this holder, you will look professional and your photos will stand out. In addition, this holder is designed to withstand many years of use and will serve you for a long time
YSM 300
Bluetooth: 4.2
Input: 5.0V / 0.1A
Micro USB  
Battery: 50mAh
Lenght of tripod: od 20 cm to 83 cm
Suitable for smartphones: od 60 mm to 90mm (šířky)
Max. load: 15 kg
Weight: 170 g
Dimensions folded: 195x33x30mm
Dimensions unfolded: 830x186x186mm


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