Travel stativ for cameras

  1. Universal 1/4" hinge
  2. Mobile phone holder
  3. Light weight and easy to fold

Travel stativ for cameras

Travel camera tripod with universal 1/4" thread and mobile phone holder ideal for entry-level photography enthusiasts. Variable direction and height adjustment allows for easy and stable composition. The low design weight and simple folding supports taking the tripod directly into the field.

Universal 1/4"" thread for easy connection and compatibility with a wide range of cameras and equipment.
Includes a cell phone mount that is compatible with 1/4" thread. So you can use your phone's technical skills right in the field.

A built-in bubble level ensures that the tripod is always firmly balanced, enabling precise and stable photography. The unique three-way head-tilt function provides flexibility for live broadcasting and recording events from different perspectives.

With a height lift of up to 1510 mm (with raised centre column) and a folded height of 520 mm, achieving the ideal height is a breeze. This variability allows easy adjustment of height and composition as required.
The tripod is designed with a 21 mm diameter and while it weighs only 0.9 kg, it is capable of supporting a camera with a maximum load of 2 kg. A handy travel case is included.




Diameter: 21 mm 
Max H.: 1510 mm (raising center column)
Max H.: 1190 (not raising center column)
Folded H.: 520 mm 
Max Load:  2 kg
 Weigth:  0,9kg


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