YSN 03

Universal stand and hub

  1. Elegant design
  2. Fast charging and data transfer
  3. Suitable for devices size up to 15,6"

Universal stand and hub

The universal, adjustable stand is compatible with devices up to 15.6" and offers powerful USB Type-C (PD 100W) or USB A 3.0 output ports. In addition, it features an HDMI 2.0 port for connecting an additional monitor and SD and Micro SD card slots for easy data and photo management. With 360 degree rotation and positioning, it provides unlimited flexibility.
Three USB 3.0 ports allow for fast data transfer with a maximum speed of up to 5Gbps. There's also a powerful USB C 3.1 (Gen.1) port with Power Delivery 3.0 support that offers up to 100W of output power for your devices.
The stand also includes a wireless charging surface with a maximum output power of 15W for charging mobile phones or wireless headphones such as AirPods. The surface features a silicone pad on the bottom of the stand.
With support for FHD1080p 120Hz and UHD 3840x2160@30Hz or 4096x2160@60Hz resolution on the HDMI output, you can get a quality picture on your TV, monitor or projector directly from your portable device.
Built-in Micro SD and SD memory card slots with data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps allow easy access to files and photos without the need for additional adapters or card readers.
The stand is made from durable premium materials such as aluminum and silicone, and with a weight of 880g and dimensions of 240x163x228.9mm, it is ideal for use in the office, at home or on the go. It can also be easily folded horizontally for carrying in a backpack or travel bag.
Its design perfectly matches your device and provides an optimal experience when working, gaming or watching videos. It is compatible with tablets or laptops up to 15.6".


YSN 03


Input: *USB C (3.1 Gen. 1)
*Wireless Charging 5W / 7,5W / 10W / 15W 
Output:  *USB C (3.1 Gen. 1), Power Delivery 100W 
*3x USB A 3.0 
*HDMI 2.0 
(FHD 1080p@120Hz & UHD 3840 x 2160@30Hz or 4096x2160@60Hz)
*Micro SD (Data transfer speed up to 5Gbps)
*SD (Data transfer speed up to 5Gbps) 
Material:  Aluminum + silicon
Weigth:  880 g
Dimensions: 240x163x228,9mm

Suitable for devices size up to 15,6""


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