YTC 014

M.2 NVMe SSD case

  1. Plug & play
  2. High speed
  3. Tool-free desing

Speed is his name

NVMe SSDs have brought unprecedented speed to our laptops and PCs. Flash reactions, saving and reading. But why not use these benefits in an external solution as well? Throw away your old flash and experience evolution in your work thanks to the ultra-fast external box. There's a USB-C Gen on my body. 2, which promises data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. With a powerful NVMe disk, your workflow changes once and for all.

The user is a boss

Whatever NVMe drive you use (2280, 2260, 2242, 2230), I can deal with it easily. In addition, I can still keep the temperature low thanks to extruded aluminum ribbing, which effectively dissipates residual heat from the SSD. This will guarantee your drive a long life and always the maximum possible performance when transferring data.

Just connect

That’s exactly right. That's all you have to do to plug in your NVMe drive. You install it in my body without any tools, you simply click it, you connect it via the USB-C cable, which is part of the package, and you can work happily. Thanks to the Plug & Play feature, you don't need any additional software, so there's nothing stopping you from quickly connecting and installing the device automatically.
YTC 014


Material Aluminium
Cable Length 30 cm
Dimension 110x39.8x16.6mm
Weight 35 g
System requirements Port USB C
  Windows 7/8/10
  Mac OS X


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