YAC 2012

Mini Dual USB Car Charger 4A

  1. Ultra tiny
  2. Metal body
  3. Dual USB output

Ultra tiny

A very small charger suitable for both passenger cars and trucks can charge up to two devices at a time with a total power output of 4A. The small body makes the charger an invisible add-on for every car.

Dual USB output

Each port’s output charging current with 10W of power is suitable for charging mobile phones, tablets and navigations. The charger meets all necessary safety requirements including short-circuit, overload, overheating and overcharging protection.
YAC 2012


Input DC 12–24 V
Output 2× USB A DC 5 V / 2 A
Output power Max. 20 W
Dimension 46×24×24 mm
Net Weight 16 g


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