YKB 3001

TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ZEROz

  1. Per key light RGB illumination
  2. Versatile control wheel
  3. Outemu Red transparent gaming mechanical switches

Silent mechanics

Loud typewriter-like key clicking sound? You would say for sure this is a common feature of a mechanical keyboard. Thanks to the Outemu RED switches that don’t sound like “clicky” switches and don’t have “tactile bump“ like “tactile“ switches, I guarantee linear and silent keystroke for you. I still preserve the advantages of conventional mechanics that include high durability and long lifetime.

Made for players

My compact body without a numeric block won’t occupy space on your desktop pointlessly. For you, this means even more space to handle your mouse. You can use the supplied braided cable with USB-C termination for connection to your gaming machine to reach an extremely low keyboard response.

Smart solution and design in one

RGB backlight is a matter-of-course. Yo can set everything individually with a tailored software in up to 3 profiles with nearly twenty different effects to choose from on top of that. In addition, there is a handy scroll on my body for you to set the backlight intensity easily. To add to my smartness, there is not only a handy macro editor with setting import and export, but also intuitive multimedia keys and the gaming mode allowing you to disable all key shortcuts with a single press.
YKB 3001


Switch type mechanical OUTEMU Red
Switch style Linear
Switch actuation force 40 ± 15 gf
Switch overall travel ~4 mm
Switch actuation ~2.1 mm
Switch mechanical Life 50,000,000 cycles
Anti Ghosting N-Key Rollover
Backlight colour Full RGB 16.8M colors
Rated input 5 V DC / 300 mA (USB C)
Dimensiones 362 × 134 × 35 mm
Cable length 1.8 m (removable Type C - included)
Keyboard weight 830 g
System requirements USB port
  Windows Vista/7/8/10


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