YSM 520

Magnetic Phone Holder

  1. Universal use
  2. Strong magnet
  3. Angle adjustment

Glass is my home

Windshield is where I feel the best. You can simply attach me using a very efficient suction cup from a highly adhesive material. I will always be fixed in my place. In addition, there is a 360° swivel joint on my body to easily adjust the phone position exactly according to your needs.

The force is hidden in a magnet

No complex manipulation. Simply put your phone on me and that’s it. This cannot be any easier. Just stick a metal shim on your phone that acts as a conductive material for the magnet hidden inside me. Neither uneven terrain nor a sharp curve will shake me up. I can always hold the phone under any circumstances.

Minimalism plays the key role

Say NO to unsightly and huge holders on the window that obstruct your view and so they may even be hazardous while driving. My compact body in a decent design will neatly fit in every interior and won’t limit you in viewing the phone’s display that’s currently placed within me.
YSM 520


Product Size 57 x 77 x 83 mm
Product weight 72,5 g
Maximum device weight 550 g


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