YPB 1020

LCD Display Power bank 10 000mAh

  1. LED flash light
  2. Dual USB output
  3. Lightning port input

Ten thousand will do

I am a Powerbank with 10,000mAh capacity and LCD display. I display my remaining battery capacity on a digital panel in real time for you to be always aware of the energy. Thanks to the couple of USB output ports with 1A and 2.1A charging current, I am comfortable with charging up to two devices simultaneously. My skills can be put to use even where there’s no access to a power outlet or other power source.

Inteligent charging

I am equipped with an input Lightning port to recharge me. The battery capacity of 10,000mAh will allow you to charge your smart device to 100% several times with utmost ease. In night hours, you will find me resting inside your backpack. I incorporate an emergency lamp as well. However, phones are not the only devices I can charge. Don’t hesitate to add some energy to your reader or tablet.

Maximum safety

Safeguarding you and your devices along with the charging speed is first and foremost. The sextuple protection and smart charging management will guarantee maximum protection against short-circuit, polarity reversal, overvoltage or reversely, against excessive discharge. Multiple protection allows you to use the power bank even on an aircraft board.
YPB 1020


Battery type Li-Polymer
Capacity 10 000 mAh
Input DC 5V/2A max. - MicroUSB; DC 5V/1.5A-Lighting
Output DC 5V/1A + DC 5V/2.1A - USB
Size 147 x 69 x 16 mm
Weight 215 g
  Micro USB charging cable included


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