YSN 150

Laptop Cooling Stand

  • Effective Cooling with Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Stylish Design and Optimal Airflow
  • Adjustable Height and Practical Folding Design


It's not just in the summer that your laptop can overheat while working hard for long periods of time, playing high-definition movies or playing modern games. This leads to a noticeable slowdown of the device, damaging sensitive hardware in turn. With the YENKEE YSN 150 Laptop Cooling Pad, you can avoid technical problems while protecting your work in progress from data loss that can occur during an automatic restart due to overheating or a device crash.


Simply plug the YENKEE YSN 150 cooling pad into your device’s USB A port. Select fan speeds 1-4 for low cooling level, 5-8 for high cooling level. The maximum ventilation speed is a powerful 650 rpm. The pad not only protects your laptop's hardware and delicate electronics, but also allows you to adjust the optimal screen angle for comfortable work and proper posture.


The YENKEE YSN 15 pad has a non-slip surface. When your notebook is supported by a cooling pad, it holds the device in a stable position. In addition, you can adjust the pad height by up to 14.5cm, making your work more comfortable whether you're in the office, on an exotic holiday or on the beach at your favourite swimming pool. Easily and hassle-free because your computer has proper cooling to protect its reliable performance.
YSN 150


Operating voltage: USB A (DC 5V)
Fan speed: 650±10% RPM
Fan diameter: 175 mm
Air flow: 87 CFM
Noise: 35 dBA max.
Cable lenght: 60 cm
Suitable up to 15.6" laptop size
Overall dimension: 374 x 280 x 51 mm
Wight: 630 g


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