YCH 315

Mini HDMI 2.0 cable 4K/60Hz

  1. Micro HDMI Type D connector
  2. High Resolution 4K/60Hz
  3. Support ARC/HDR/HEC/3D
Micro HDMI cable version 2.0 with a length of 1,5m and support for resolutions up to 3840×2160p at 60Hz. 
The HDMI 2.0 cable offers a wide range of supported resolutions from HD@30/60/120Hz (720p), Full HD30/60/120/144/240Hz(1080p), QHD@30/60/75/120/144Hz (1440p) to 4K@30/60Hz (2160p)
"Support for features such as Audio Return Channel (ARC)
for seamless transfer of audio from the TV to the sound system or three-dimensional (3D) image. Image reproduction with extended luminance and contrast range thanks to High Dynamic Range (HDR). Smooth data transfer between different devices is enabled by HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)."
You will primarily appreciate using the cable with your tablet when connecting your TV and monitor. Or with digital cameras or camcorders.
The cable is strong and durable thanks to the PVC material, which ensures long life and reliability. With gold-plated connectors, the cable achieves maximum performance and minimizes signal loss.

YCH 315


HDMI version: 2.0
Length: 1,5 m
Input Connector Type: HDMI A/M
Output connector type: HDMI D/M
Maximum resolution: 3840×2160p/60Hz
Supported resolution:  HD@30/60/120Hz (720p)
Full HD@30/60/120/144/240Hz (1080p)
QHD@30/60/75/120/144Hz (1440p)
4K@30/60Hz (2160p)
Support (ARC) , 3D,  (HDR), HEC
Color Depth: 48 bitů
Transmission speed: 18 Gb/s 
Ethernet (LAN): 18 Gb/s (18,5 Mb/s)
Cable Shielding:  Yes
Plug Material: PVC
Cable material: PVC: PVC


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