YCU 011 BK

USB A - Micro B cable

  1. USB 3.0
  2. Durable design
  3. Universal compatibility
The USB A to Micro B cable is the ideal solution for fast data transfer and charging of your devices. With a length of 1.5 meters, it gives you plenty of space for comfortable use.

This Micro B cable is the ideal solution for connecting to external hard drives. Its reliable design and Micro B connector ensure stable and fast data transfer (up to 5Gbps) between your computer and external hard drive.
With USB 3.0 support, this cable offers fast and efficient data transfer between devices. With faster transfer speeds, you'll be able to transfer large files, stream media and perform other demanding tasks without unnecessary slowdown.

The cableis made with a PVC design that ensures a reliable and stable connection. Its resistance to wear and tear and breakage ensures that your cable will work without problems even in everyday use.
YCU 011 BK


USB: 3.0
Connector: USB A (M) - micro B (M)
Data transfer: 5Gbps
Material: PVC
Length: 1,5m


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