YSM 410

Gravity Car Holder for Smartphones

  1. Air-vent mounting
  2. Wide compatibility
  3. One hand operation

Can we start?

Do you like travelling? Me too! Simply place your mobile phone into me and use it as a handy navigation. I feel right at home in a car, so you have no choice but just install me in the A/C outlet where I won’t obstruct your view and you will still keep me in sight.

Powerful gravitation

No, I don’t need any batteries or any connection to hold the phone automatically. It’s that simple. With gravitation and three handy arms you place your phone within me and it holds like nailed. Removal is also very simple. Just lift the phone a little to automatically release the side retainers and the phone is free.

I can manage everything

The production was made with several factors in mind that modern phones just can’t do without. Glass and metal. These surfaces are prone to very easy slipping, thus making the phone fall unintentionally. For this reason, my body employs a special rubber coated surface to hold the phone in place no matter what the its back material may be.
YSM 410


Product Size 100 x 102 x 95 mm
Product weight 62,2 g
Support phone size 4–6,5"
Width 65–82 mm


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