YHB 3004

Gaming USB hub with mouse cable mount

  1. 4 High Speed Extended USB Ports
  2. Multidirectional flexible cable mount
  3. Stable triangular base with backlight

Multidirectional flexible cable mount

STING is really cool gaming supplement that will allow you unlimited mouse movements by holding your mouse cable out of the way.

4 High Speed Extended USB Ports

4 USB ports will manage all your desktop USB cables

Stable triangular base with backlight

Pleasant orange backlight with on/off switch will bring you right gaming atmosphere.
Multidirectional flexible cable mount is detachable. Full stability is ensured with inner weights and triangular silicon foot-pad.
YHB 3004


Power output 5VDC / 500mA
4 x port USB 2.0  
1.2m High performance USB input cable  
LED indication of port in use  
Data transfer speed up to 480 Mbps  

System requirements:

Mac OS 9.1 or above  
Windows 98SE /ME /2000 /XP /Vista /7/8  
Linux 2.4 or above  


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