YKB 3300US

Gaming keyboard HORNET

  1. Software with 3 profiles
  2. Seven backlight colours
  3. Durable design with metal reinforcement
  4. Software download

A body full of innovations

I'm your dream keyboard. I'm the Hornet keyboard. I won't leave you in the lurch in any situation. My body is interwoven with metal construction, which guarantees an excellent durability and perfect reinforcement. You can also set my position just as you need since I have three levels of height adjustment.

Neon glow

You can light my body with seven different colours. That way you can choose your favourite colour and brightness of backlight and combine me with your other peripherals. Thanks to the multimedia buttons, you can simply operate the most frequently used computer features with a single press. Have fun playing with my colours: once it gets dark, they will create a magical atmosphere in the room and help you to discover unforgettable experiences with every use.

Functions for every gamer

Ergonomically cut keys will take for a reduced typing error rate and in combination with a wide space bar, I become the ultimate tool for long-lasting playing without interruptions. The Antighosting feature ensures that when you press multiple buttons at once, they will all be recognised, and Win-lock feature allows you to deactivate the Windows key to prevent the accidental launching of the Windows start-up screen while playing. And you can even set up macro on me with a single REC key. In comparison to ordinary macro recordings, my sophisticated three-profile software will allow you to make detailed settings for the performed keystrokes as well as entire macros. You can then apply this to the vast majority of my buttons. With me, no battle will be a problem any more.
YKB 3300US


Rated Voltage 5 V ±5 %
Rated Current 300 mA
Stroke Life 10 million
Key Route 5.5mm±0.5mm
Cable length 1,8 m
Size 501 x 198,5 x 34 mm
Weigth 1 320 g

System requirements:

Port USB  
Windows Vista/7/8/10  
Mac OS X  


Manual Download
Software Download
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