YMS 3000

PRO e-Sport Gaming RGB mouse ZERO

  1. Absolutely flawless 3360 sensor
  2. Shape designed by professional gamers
  3. Programmable buttons & RGB backlight

PRO e-Sport Gaming RGB mouse ZERO

Gaming mouse ZERO is focused on performance. Ultra light construction combined with absolutely flawless 3360 sensor make from this mouse a lethal weapon in your hands.
RGB lighting is unobtrusive and can be switched off. For those who want to use it there is 10 default backlight modes that you can modify and regulate in attached software.
ZERO is ergonomically shaped with two well accessible side buttons on the left side. Mouse has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of grip styles and hand sizes.
Two large teflon glides provides smooth, accurate and instant mouse movement.
The lightweight ultra soft "paracord" cable secure fluidly mouse gliding without any movement restrictions caused by usually used braided or PVC cables.
Thanks to the Omron 20M gaming micro switches the left and right buttons offers a bit heavier and slightly crisper clicks with well recognizable activation moment and guarantee long lifetime span.
YMS 3000


Number of buttons 6
Input DC 5V / 150 mA
Interface USB
Mouse sensor PMW3360
Resolution ≤ 12 000 DPI
Poling rate 125/500/1000Hz
Acceleration 50G
Cable length 180 cm
Dimensions 122 x 66 x 44 mm
Weight 78g
System requirements USB port
  Windows 7/8/10


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