YAC 5135

Wireless Charger Stand 15W

  1. USB C input
  2. Universal use
  3. 15W Power output

Wireless Charger Stand 15W

Wireless Charger Stand can charge your phone vertically and horizontally thanks to dual coil and power output up to 15W.

Just put your phone on the stand and the wireless charging will start automatically.
For fast charging (7.5W, 10W, 15W), use a power adapter with Power Delivery 20W technology.

A decent LED indication informs you on the charging status.
The charger is compatible with all phones equipped with the wireless Qi standard technology, either directly from factory or you can buy recommended compatible accessories.

The charger is equipped with a detector of foreign subjects, protection against overheating, input overvoltage, and output overcurrent.

If you put metallic or magnetic objects on the charging stand without a wireless charging support, charging will be interrupted and the LED indication will flash with regular intervals.

When 100% of the battery capacity is reached, the charging pad will keep the phone fully charged.


YAC 5135


Input: USB C 
DC 5V/2,22A, 9V/2,22A, 9,5V/2,22A 
Output:  5W / 7,5W / 10W / 15W 
Product standart: Qi
Charging distance:  ≤8 mm
Charging Efficiency:  ≤73%
Weight: 208g
Dimensions: 11x8,8x8,8cm
Material: PC
Charging cable included
Cable length: 1m


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