Ergonomic gaming chair ONYX

  1. Molded foam padding and durable PU leather cover
  2. Modern design with woven patterns
  3. Metal frame and chair base

Ergonomic gaming chair ONYX

The ONYX ergonomic gaming chair introduces a new level of comfort to your gaming experience! Crafted from molded foam and high-quality PU leather upholstery, it provides perfect support for extended gaming or work sessions. Its modern woven pattern adds a unique and stylish look to your gaming setup. With removable cushions for lumbar and neck support, your comfort becomes the top priority.

ONYX is equipped with 3D-adjustable armrests, offering easy adjustment of height, angle, and distance from the desk to suit your individual needs. With this capability, you can entirely optimize the ergonomics and comfort for your arms and wrists without compromises.

ONYX is manufactured with a strong emphasis on precision and quality, and thanks to its metal frame and base, it's synonymous with durability and longevity. The high production standards of molded foam and PU leather upholstery guarantee not only comfort but also easy maintenance and long-term use.

With the capability of reclining up to 155 degrees, the ONYX chair offers maximum flexibility and comfort for every player. Removable cushions for lumbar and neck support provide individual comfort according to your preferences.


Materials: PU leather upholstery, sides of the backrest made of suede fabric
Padding: Cold-molded foam
Mechanism:  Lever (butterfly)
Armrest: 3D adjustment
Gas lift: Class 4
Base material: Metal alloys
Wheel size: 60 mm
Wheel material: Nylon core coated with a fine layer of polyurethane
Backrest adjustment: 90° - 155°
Seat height: od 47 do 56cm
Weight capacity: 130 kg
Chair weight: 21 kg


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