YAC 450

Car charging station

  1. LED display
  2. Multiple protection
  3. Charging car refrigerators and other devices
Powerful charging station can charge up to seven devices simultaneously. It has four USB-A ports and three 12 V outputs.

Two USB ports support charging up to 2.4 A. The other two ports support 1 A charging. When all four USB ports are used simultaneously, the maximum output current is 5 V / 4 A.

12 V output port achieves maximum output power up to 120 W. 24 V output port achieves maximum output power of 200 W.

The charging station can be used in both cars (12 V), 
and trucks (24 V).

Display showing current voltage and ON/OFF button 
controlling USB and 12 V output connectors.

The charging station has multiple protections such as protection against short circuit, overload, overheating and overcharging. The station is also equipped with an 8 A disposable fuse.
YAC 450


Input connector: 12 V / 24 V
Output connectors:  
  4x USB-A output
  3x 12V output
Power output:  
  2x USB-A 5 V / 2.4 A (12W)
  2x USB-A 5 V / 1 A (10W)
Maximum USB output current 5 V / 4 A (simultaneously)  
3x DC 12 V (120 W max.) / DC 24 V (200 W max.)  
Cable length: 100 cm


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