YCT 105

UTP CAT5e Ethernet Cable

  1. High durability
  2. Univesrsal compatibility
  3. Fast data transfer up to 1,000 Mb/s
YENKEE UTP CAT5e cable with RJ45 connectors and data transfer rate up to 1000Mbps suitable for connecting various devices such as computers, servers, printers and more. The cable jacket made of PVC materials and 8 twisted pairs ensure a stable and high-quality connection in your network.
The widely used RJ45 connector for connecting network devices meeting CAT5e category is ideal for standard Ethernet networks. With a frequency of 100MHz, it provides wide bandwidth for reliable data transfer and ensures compatibility with all devices on your network."
The Ethernet cable is suitable for both home use and commercial environments such as offices, schools or small businesses.
The PVC material used for this cable is known for its durability and longevity. In addition, the PVC jacket helps minimize interference and ensure quality signal transmission. With this PVC cable, you can be assured of a stable and seamless connection in your network.
YCT 105


Connector: RJ45 (M) / RJ45 (M) 
Category: CAT5e
Data transfer rate: up to 1 000Mb/s
Frequency: 100MHz
Number of cores: 8 cores (4 twisted pairs) 
Cable diameter: 7x0.16 mm
Length: 5m
Material: PVC 


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